Text services


Avoid ambiguity, keep it short & simple!
Let me optimize your texts.

Correct and comprehensive texts as well as a clear layout will help your company to convey credibility, expertise, quality and a good corporate image.

My test services comprise:

proofreading (spelling, grammar, punctuation)

editing (proofreading and comprehension, style, corporate language, layout)

copywriting (creating new texts, e.g. for brochures, websites, sample texts for your correspondence)

proofreading of existing translations (German, English, Italian)

transcription of audio files


Generally, I use the option “track changes” in MS Word that will allow you to see all changes to your documents.


Rates are calculated based on the number of standard pages (one page is 1600 characters including spaces) or on the amount of time. The price varies according to the requirements, complexity of a text, urgency, format and text type.

Please contact me for your personal quote.


My languages

✓ German
✓ English and Italian depending on the requirements

For further languages, I would be pleased to contact experienced colleagues of mine.

My Services

✓ proofreading
✓ editing
✓ copywriting
✓ proofreading of existing translations (DE, EN, IT)
✓ transcription

Get a personal quote

Each assignment is different. In order to prepare an offer, some information will be necessary. All data will be treated as strictly confidential. Please contact me for your personal quote.

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